Detoxing and Juicing

Everything we eat, drink, breathe and even comes in contact with our skin has toxic chemicals of one sort or another.

Since 1940, over 75,000 artificial chemicals have been created and they show up in everything in our “everyday lives”…

There are unsafe pesticides on our fruits and vegetables…
There are man made chemicals in our salt, diet sodas and noodles…
There are dangerous toxins in our cars, mattresses and furniture…

environmental Toxins

Did you know that the two, most modern diets are acidic.
Fact is, most people today are on the “SAD CRAP” diet.

SAD C.R.A.P. stands for: Standard American Diet: Caffeine, Refined Sugar, Alcohol and Processed Foods.

And guess what? These foods are extremely acidic. As you may know, your body is in a constant acid/alkaline balance. When it gets too acidic, your body shuts down. You get tired. You get sick. You can’t function anymore. In fact — most Americans have an 80% acidic, 20% alkalizing diet. But what do all these toxins and acidic foods have to do with gaining weight?

Your Body Is Being Attacked On Two Fronts: Toxins And Acidic Foods! And It’s Forcing Your Body To Gain Weight! When there are too many toxins and acids in your body, your body protects you by storing them in fat. In short – the excess fat on your body are garbage bags of toxins and acids. Instead of having these toxins and acids freely roaming around in your bloodstream, your body “dumps them” in your fat. But the problem is, you can’t seem to “throw them out”. Not easily at any rate. So you’re stuck walking around with “bags of toxins, chemicals and acids”. No wonder you’re tired, lacking in energy and feeling so cranky all the time!

In Order to Get Rid of the Toxins in Your Body –

You Have to Lose Weight QUICKLY!
We are talking about a “TOTAL RESET” of your body.

Something that clears out all the toxins…But at the same time, keeps your body healthy so you don’t feel so sick you want to stop.

On top of that – it has to be SAFE.

First, you need to understand that “cleansing” is a natural bodily function. Your body is supposed to release toxins, acids and chemicals from your body. This can be in the form of sweat or when you go to the washroom. The reason why toxins get trapped instead of coming out though — is because in our modern age — there are too many toxins and the body can’t work fast enough. Your body is overwhelmed with toxins… And storing it in fat is a necessary emergency plan.

So when you do a cleanse, you’re helping your body “reset”. This way, it can go back to cleaning itself.

Here’s what happens when you do a JUICE CLEANSE…
Detox cleansing juices
First, you give your digestive system a long, overdue break. When you juice, you only get super-nutrients in liquid form. Without having to breakdown and process big chunks of food, your digestion system relaxes. Next, your body starts “feeding” off the excess fat. Your body will naturally start eating the fat in your belly, thighs and arms. Then, the trapped toxins are released… And your body begins to “flush” them out of your body. Many people feel “detox” symptoms at this stage… But don’t worry, we have a few tricks to minimize them.

Your body takes a “deep breath” as you keep feeding it super-nutrients in liquid form. This step is powerful. What you’re doing here is feeding your body at a cellular level. It’s like you’re power-washing your cells with super-nutrients. You’re re-balancing your body’s pH balance which boosts the immune system. And finally, you’re feeding it with enzymes that makes everything work faster… Including shedding off weight, getting more energy and feeling young again.

In short – juicing isn’t just about losing weight!It’s literally “resetting” your body as if you reversed your biological age by a decade! You end up flushing toxins out of your body, pumping your cells with super-nutrients and giving your immune system a tremendous boost!

In other words, you’re “resetting” your body to what it may have been a decade ago… Or even further!

You experience more energy!

It’s harder for you to get sick…

And your body is working faster, better, stronger!

Here are some Powerful Detoxing Foods to Eat or  Juice, in a variety of combinations to your liking.


1) Cilantro

Cilantro is a powerful chelator, which means that it binds
to heavy metals inside your body to prevent any cellular
damage, so it helps you flush them out of your system.

2) Broccoli

In one study (1), broccoli sprouts enhanced the detoxification
of harsh airborne pollutants. It’s also cancer protective, thanks
to the sulforaphane inside.

3) Lemons and limes

These citrus fruits have been proven (2) to help treat patients with
kidney stones, thanks to their powerful detoxifying power.

That’s one of the many reasons why starting your day out with
a lukewarm glass of lemon water is a very wise choice.

4) Ginger

Researchers from all around the world have confirmed
that ginger is a very potent medicine to reduce symptoms
of diabetes, Alzheimers and PMS.

5) Parsley

This common herb is not only a good addition to all your
soups and salads — it’s also shown to have demonstrable
cancer-fighting properties.

6) Beets

Although I’ve never been a fan of beets, it’s similar to
parsley because of its very powerful cancer-fighting
agents. They also contain a chockfull of antioxidants.

Hope this helps you in your Detoxing journey!
- Coach Tim


“Smartpill” Shows Processed vs Whole Food Digestive Process

Artist Stefani Bardin, TEDxManhattan 2011 Fellow, shows us her latest project — using a “smartpill” to reveal how we digest differently processed foods.

Just what are probiotics and why are they so good for you? Probiotics are “viable microorganisms” that can confer lots and lots of health benefits if they reach your intestine while they’re alive. You may have heard them described as “friendly bacteria.” These bacteria aren’t just friendly, they’re flat-out adorable.. They’re currently being touted as a miracle cure for a whole host of ailments, whether you’re dealing with acne, depression, diarrhea, or even cancer. Even if you’re not dealing with any of those ailments, you want to make sure your GI tract is flourishing, and pre probiotics are necessary to maintaining your digestion—which is, in turn, key to your general health. -From

The growing epidemic of nonalcoholic fatty liver, an illness that affects at least one in five Americans, including many teenagers.
Nonalcoholic fatty liver, is a disease tightly linked to the obesity crisis, is a strong risk factor for heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, and in severe cases it can lead to liver failure. There are no official dietary guidelines to treat it. But whether certain foods might fuel the disease is a subject that is drawing increasing attention from scientists.

“Being physically active may encourage beneficial germs to thrive in your gut, while inactivity could do the reverse, according to an innovative new study. The findings suggest that, in addition to its other health benefits, frequent exercise may influence our weight and overall health by altering the kinds of organisms that live inside of us.”

In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest in the role that gut microbes play in whole-body health. A multitude of studies have shown that people with large and diverse germ populations in their digestive tracts tend to be less prone to obesity, immune problems and other health disorders than people with low microbial diversity, and that certain germs, in particular, may contribute to improved metabolic and immunehealth. Source


Just hope you enjoyed (or got a wake up call), from the video showing “Smartpill” Shows Processed vs Whole Food Digestive Process! As always you can try my digestive solution risk free and keep the bonuses as my gift.

Coach Tim


Health Scams | Potions and Lotions

How to Identify Health Scams
Health Scams

Tip-Offs – From FDA Website

Claims like “miracle cure,” “revolutionary scientific breakthrough,” or “alternative to drugs or surgery.”

FDA offers some tip-offs to help you identify rip-offs.

  • One product does it all. Be suspicious of products that claim to cure a wide range of diseases. A New York firm claimed its products marketed as dietary supplements could treat or cure senile dementia, brain atrophy, atherosclerosis, kidney dysfunction, gangrene, depression, osteoarthritis, dysuria, and lung, cervical and prostate cancer. In October 2012, at FDA’s request, U.S. marshals seized these products.
  • Personal testimonials. Success stories, such as, “It cured my diabetes” or “My tumors are gone,” are easy to make up and are not a substitute for scientific evidence.
  • Quick fixes. Few diseases or conditions can be treated quickly, even with legitimate products. Beware of language such as, “Lose 30 pounds in 30 days” or “eliminates skin cancer in days.”
  • “All natural.” Some plants found in nature (such as poisonous mushrooms) can kill when consumed. Moreover, FDA has found numerous products promoted as “all natural” but that contain hidden and dangerously high doses of prescription drug ingredients or even untested active artificial ingredients.
  • “Miracle cure.” Alarms should go off when you see this claim or others like it such as, “new discovery,” “scientific breakthrough” or “secret ingredient.” If a real cure for a serious disease were discovered, it would be widely reported through the media and prescribed by health professionals—not buried in print ads, TV infomercials or on Internet sites.
  • Conspiracy theories. Claims like “The pharmaceutical industry and the government are working together to hide information about a miracle cure” are always untrue and unfounded. These statements are used to distract consumers from the obvious, common-sense questions about the so-called miracle cure.

Even with these tips, fraudulent health products are not always easy to spot. If you’re tempted to buy an unproven product or one with questionable claims, check with your doctor or other health care professional first.

This article appears on FDA’s Consumer Updates page, which features the latest on all FDA-regulated products.


As the old saying goes… if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!

Coach Tim