Rotten Gut

Rotten gutNow that Thanksgiving is winding down, chances are you’re feeling pretty bloated from today’s overindulgence.  Perhaps, like many, you’re also accustomed to experiencing gas, fatigue, and indigestion when eating meals higher in fats and carbs—and whether you realize it or not—there’s a lot more at stake than just the temporary discomfort associated with these symptoms.

Common sense will try to tell you that all of those Thanksgiving foods from your Feast simply do not mix well, especially when you add today’s super preservatives and additives.

Fact is, if any of this sounds familiar to you, you very well may be suffering from something we call Rotten Gut Syndrome (RGS) — a condition in which undigested food and food intolerances are creating a toxic environment within your body, planting the seeds of long-term pain, suffering, and ill-health throughout the various tissues and organs of your body.

Even worse, this Rotten Gut Syndrome becomes increasingly more severe and dangerous when eating gluten containing foods, such as baked goods, cereals, bread, pasta, and desserts… yes, all the same foods that are likely to fill your home during the upcoming holiday season.

In the end, if left unaddressed, RGS can do a number on your health, starving the cells of your body from the nutrients they need to flourish and thrive, and instead feeding your waistline, leading to the pounds piling on and on, over and over.

You see, the root causes of RGS all trace back to insufficient digestive enzyme production by your body, a phenomenon that is actually very common due to the natural aging process, stress, an unbalanced diet, poor eating habits, and exposure to artificial food additives, colors, and preservatives.  

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Good Luck and Happy Holiday’s!
Coach Tim

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